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Ashley Carter
Response to Kimeljk
Sun Nov 23, 2014 18:31

I'm not sure that their attitudes toward reading changed, however, their attitudes toward discussing what they read certainly did. Students became much more likely to provide more information than for which they were asked. They also started to become more enthusiastic about they things they were discovering in their reading. I believe that student's in Stacy's class (8th grade) should absolutely be able to define author's purpose and discuss what they have read. I think that students of any age or grade should be able to use these skills to a certain extent. It is just up to us as teacher's to provide the right instruction, level of support and appropriate texts for students to accomplish this! I think that students should be able to discuss and "dig deeper" if their texts are at the correct instructional level. If they're at the right instructional level, they shouldn't have to focus on decoding and their comprehension should be adequate enough to spark discussion and inference making.

Yes, I think you're right a pre-made graphic organizer would be helpful! We did use some pre-made and some not. We found that both were effective in getting students to think past surface level comprehension.

  • Re: Ashley C. and Stacy's presentation - kimeljk, Thu Nov 20 13:35
    I like how you focused on students having an authentic experience with text. Did you find that student attitudes towards reading changed as a result of focusing on an authentic real world reading... more
    • Response to Kimeljk - Ashley Carter, Sun Nov 23 18:31
      • Re: Response to Kimeljk - kimeljk, Tue Nov 25 14:10
        Ashley, Thanks for your feedback on student attitudes towards discussing what they read. I think that if students are loving talking about what they are reading, they will more likely grow to love... more
    • response to kimeljk - Stacy, Sat Nov 22 16:14
      I think that any age level student could allow a text to guide a discussion as long as that text is appropriate to their level. I find that the students who read at the lower levels come out with the ... more
      • Re: response to kimeljk - kimeljk, Tue Nov 25 13:59
        Stacy, Thanks for your feedback. That's a really great insight that lower level readers come up with some of the best discussion topics from their reading. As a full time student I never think about... more
      • graphic organizers - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:06
        In reference to this, I have had this discussion with colleagues and many of us have found that first exposing students to premade organizers is good. But then, allowing them the opportunities to... more
        • Re: Graphic Organizers - Ashley Carter, Mon Nov 24 13:26
          I totally agree! I think the most important thing is to teach students how to understand and complete any graphic organizer, rather than expose them to a million different kinds. Using similar... more
        • graphic org builders - Stacy, Sun Nov 23 19:17
          My colleagues and I give the students several opportunities to use and build graphic organizers and foldables. I know they are older than your students - but good things work for everyone -... more
          • foldables - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:58
            I never thought about them as graphic organizers...but really, they complete a similar task. They both help students organize their thoughts in a visual way. I think the most definitely could be a... more
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