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Rachel Yakey
Graphic Novels
Sun Nov 23, 2014 19:12

I do read a graphic novel, actually I talked my school into buying American Born Chinese because it fit our social studies curriculum. :) My "non-reader" boys read in a day and half. I also an not as rigid on what they read as long as it is on their independent level and that they are reading nightly. Which I think leads them to read books that they enjoy and helps them develop habits as a reader.

I know one of the eighth grade teachers is also using graphic novels in his classroom.

  • boys motivation - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 18:20
    The boys and their reactions reminds me of the class we took with Dr. Meyers last year. Boys so often have this stereo typical view of themselves as (non)readers. It sounds like your students own... more
    • Graphic Novels - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 19:12
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