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Laura Hansen
flash and research
Sun Nov 23, 2014 21:23


Great questions. As per Dr. Koppenhaver's suggestion, we used a double click (or in our case a triple click) on the Power Point presentation to create a flash presentation which he also said was .33 second flash. This was as close to a flash presentation as we were able to establish in our classrooms. In administering our pre and post "flash", I noticed that some of the students had similar struggles to when we administered the Flash by hand in the Summer Clinic. I had several several students who had the same "I didn't see that" experience (which of course was scored as no response). I only say that to give you an idea as to the extent to which the word was "flashed."

Also, the particular readings we reviewed in developing our study did not point out that automatic word recognition and accuracy typically develop before fluency. However, in completing readings for other classes, we began to understand better the development of early reading. Spear-Sternberg and Swerling (1997) offer a model of reading development that suggests that accuracy in word recognition comes before automaticity. The authors of this model discuss in depth Controlled Word Recognition (accurate but effortful) coming before Automatic Word Recognition. It would only make sense then, that accuracy and automaticity would facilitate fluency particularly, in terms of reading rates.

  • Re: Melissa and Laura's presentation - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 12:46
    Great job on your presentation! It is obvious that your research design was well thought out and implemented. I like that you allowed picture support for your accuracy readings since this is a... more
    • flash and research - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 21:23
      • RE: flash and accuracy rates - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:34
        Do you think that the flash activity helped more with accuracy? You seemed to hint at that as being more effective than with speeding up their rates. In our study, we focused on accuracy before speed ... more
      • Flash - Ashley Pennell, Mon Nov 24 19:48
        That is great that you were able to create a flash presentation on powerpoint! I have used the online flash that Amie showed us (ASU's flash created for Forsyth Country Day School) with my 1st... more
    • Q&A - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 15:25
      I am sure that students had encountered these words in text before our study. Pre-assessments revealed that they were struggling with these words. Students practiced these words with the racetrack... more
      • Frustration - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 21:11
        I, too, understand your frustration..we are asked to assess fluency when the majority of our students (first graders) are still not automatic. It is hard to find a balance between what we know to be... more
        • Patience is key - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 18:05
          I think we just have to remember that if we skip important steps, we leave holes in the foundation, and then fluency and ultimately comprehension suffers. We have to be comfortable with the fact that ... more
          • AGREED - Ashley Pennell, Mon Nov 24 20:18
            I wholeheartedly agree! I hope more teachers will adopt this perspective and do what's best for their students, rather than doing what boosts their scores. For example, I despise hearing teachers... more
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