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Laura Hansen
Q & A
Sun Nov 23, 2014 22:03

I think we landed on using targeted word practice because we noticed that many of students lacked automatic word recognition of many basic sight words. We wanted to find a way to target sight words and address students' fluency. My students really enjoyed the racetracks. My oldest student (repeating 2nd grade) opted not use a car but still seemed to enjoy reading around the track quickly. I think it was a combination of both interventions that aided fluency, because word recognition influences rate and accuracy with fluency, but in the repeated reading we really talked about smooth reading focused on using punctuation.

  • Re: Melissa and Laura's presentation - kimeljk, Wed Nov 19 11:33
    Melissa and Laura, I love your wordle visual you used with buzz words from your study. Was there a reason you focused on targeted word practice for your fluency intervention besides what was found in ... more
    • Q & A - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 22:03
    • presentation - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 15:48
      My students did love the racetrack activity. I do think it made sight word practice less painful. I think the positive results were due to a combination of the interventions. My students did not seem ... more
      • Re: presentation - kimeljk, Tue Nov 25 13:44
        Melissa, Thanks for your response, that's fantastic that you have found an activity like racetracks that students enjoy that is also an appropriate intervention for them as well! I wonder if it's... more
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