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reply to Susan
Sun Nov 23, 2014 22:27

I love songs to teach multiplication. It makes the tough concept of memorizing much more fun and endurable.

We did not implement any reading interventions but we can't overlook the EC teacher and classroom teachers that are also working hard to improve fluency. We hope that the musical influence has helped them to succeed in other areas and make quicker progress.

  • Response to Will and Jessica - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 12:15
    This was a very interesting research study. Your presentation was organized very well and you presented your data in an eye pleasing way. The music in the beginning was an excellent touch as well. It ... more
    • reply to Susan - noltja, Sun Nov 23 22:27
      • re jessica - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 18:10
        Just a side thought. But one of the music teachers in our county uses repetitive big books in her class to improve fluency. Instead of just reading it, they sing the words and use musical instruments ... more
        • big books - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 17:54
          i love this idea using big books. I have used picture books of well-known songs, rhymes, and poems for helping with fluency. I am going to try the big books and borrow some instruments from the music ... more
        • big books - noltja 65, Mon Nov 24 18:20
          What a great idea! What grades does she do this for? General music or strings? Thanks for sharing.
          • re Big Books - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 21:14
            I think the activity she showed us was for a 1st or 2nd grade class. But she said she did similar activities with her older students. It was a general music class but it just reminded me of how... more
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