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Re: Jennie & Rachel
Mon Nov 24, 2014 15:17


I'm glad we've sparked an interest in the flipped classroom. Rachel introduced the flipped classroom concept to me and I definitely think that it can be done in the elementary school. I don't have experience in the lower grades so I can't speak for those, but I do believe the flipped classroom would be great for grades 3-5. The only issues I think Rachel has come across in regards to the flipped classroom is giving her students who don't have access to a computer at home time during class to watch the flipped lesson hence their shortness in time.
For students who try and read books above their reading level, at the ASU Reading Clinic we encourage students to pick a book that could help build their reading muscles, instead of a book that would make our reading muscles tired. Sometimes we let them try and read the first page aloud and then we have the student count their mistakes. If they make more than 5 mistakes we try to find them a different book on their level but on the same topic as the book they originally picked.

  • Jennie & Rachel - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 19:47
    I really enjoyed your presentation! It gave me several ideas that I think I can use in my class. I am very interested in the Flipped Classroom concept. Is this something that can also be done in... more
    • Holes - Re Melissa, Tue Nov 25 07:56
      With the student that we just worked on comprehension with, I gave her an IRI to which she scored on grade level in almost everything but comprehension. Her flash score was low in the 7-8th grade... more
    • Re: Jennie & Rachel - kimeljk, Mon Nov 24 15:17
      • flips - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 18:53
        i think I might give it a try but make it optional. This might also give parents a better picture of what is being taught in the classroom.
        • Flipped - Rachel Yakey, Tue Nov 25 09:42
          I also put review videos up before test, etc. and my students really like it. So I think it would be really go for them. There are videos already for verbs/nouns that kinda thing.
          • videos - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 10:44
            i really like the idea of posting review videos. I could post them on my class website.
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