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Susan Gibson
re Rachel
Mon Nov 24, 2014 18:06

Wow juggling five groups sounds intense! I'm glad this has been working for you. I think I am going to use this with one of my reading groups I am going to have to split up! I like the idea of putting in on the class website. Then students can also listen to it at home.

Raz-Kids is part of Reading A-Z. It is aimed for elementary aged students. The books go from kindergarten -fifth grade reading levels. This is something that I can monitor, I can assign assignments/assessments, and the students can do on their own. They really love it. I have been using it the past two weeks as a homework option and usually I have about half of the class get on it a night which is great because I know they are reading independent level text.

  • Re Susan - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 16:54
    I agree that taped readings are the most beneficial. It was really easy to get set up because all year I use my website, so students are really familiar with it. I just showed them the tab for their... more
    • re Rachel - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 18:06
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