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Melissa Boyd
Mon Nov 24, 2014 18:59

i have had parent volunteers record books. It has worked great!

  • Taped Readings - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 18:01
    I'm glad you shared that information. I am having to split up one of my reading groups and was thinking of a way to tackle students reading instructional level text on their own. But I think this... more
    • Recordings - Rachel Yakey, Tue Nov 25 09:56
      Susan, I have also used my Voice Memos on my phone, computer, iPad to record. Then I email it to myself and upload it to my website or I leave it on the iPad for them to get in class.
    • recordings - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 18:59
      • parent assistance - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 21:19
        What a great idea! I just might have to try that!
        • parent volunteers - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 07:21
          i have also books recorded by our principal, other teachers, and people in our community (mayor, policeman, etc). I include a photo of the recorder with a short biography. The children really love... more
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