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Ashley Pennell
Mon Nov 24, 2014 19:48

That is great that you were able to create a flash presentation on powerpoint! I have used the online flash that Amie showed us (ASU's flash created for Forsyth Country Day School) with my 1st graders and have found that I have become more partial to it than the traditional paper/pencil flash assessment. I also read the Spear-Sternberg and Swerling chapters and see much agreement in their model and Morris' Theoretical Model for the Developmental Beginning Reading Process. It certainly makes sense with what we have learned about reading that automatic word recognition would need to be achieved for fluent reader to occur. Interesting stuff!

  • flash and research - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 21:23
    Ashley, Great questions. As per Dr. Koppenhaver's suggestion, we used a double click (or in our case a triple click) on the Power Point presentation to create a flash presentation which he also said... more
    • RE: flash and accuracy rates - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:34
      Do you think that the flash activity helped more with accuracy? You seemed to hint at that as being more effective than with speeding up their rates. In our study, we focused on accuracy before speed ... more
    • Flash - Ashley Pennell, Mon Nov 24 19:48
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