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Mon Nov 24, 2014 20:38

Thanks for your message! There are definitely lots of phonics and sight word apps. I've been reluctant to let my own children spend too much time on these but they surely exist. My youngest son has special needs and a severe speech delay and there are even tons of speech apps that cater to his needs. Most of what I've seen is geared toward younger students and would not have been appropriate for out students.

  • Response to Will and Jessica - Ashley Carter, Mon Nov 24 13:22
    I have been so excited to see what your research found! I think there are so many valid and strong connections between music education and academic performance. I was pleased to see that you found a... more
    • RE: Ashley - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:05
      Hi Ashley, I found this app to be very similar to flashcards, but it was much more fun for the student because it was presented on an Ipad. The Ipad automatically records and tracks data, so that is... more
    • Apps - noltja, Mon Nov 24 20:38
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