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Graphic Organizers
Tue Nov 25, 2014 07:38 (XFF:

Our school did some training in RICCA a few years back. It may be an older concept, but they have a lot of good concept maps. I have used them before, and has often wondered about their effectiveness. I always thought that they were, but was never in a position to learn how to begin to prove it.
Pre and post tests had questions that were written so that the students HAD to go back to the text to reread for the answer in context. None of the questions were recall based in the slightest. I think part of the reason that older students struggle with going deeper is that they are used to mostly recall questions and not very many questions that make them dig. Don't get me wrong, recall questions are great to check for basic comprehension, but if they are to go back to appreciate certain aspects, they must be lead in that direction until it becomes more natural in my opinion.
I brought Mrs. Steele in for that reason - to be an outsider to check and see if I was doing what I thought I was doing.

  • Presentation reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 21:42
    What an awesome area for research. You took on a challenging component of reading with meaningful participation. I like how you clearly defined what you meant in using this term. I really liked your... more
    • Graphic Organizers - Stacy, Tue Nov 25 07:38
      • RICCA - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 18:51
        What is RICCA?
        • RICCA - Stacy, Wed Nov 26 07:59
          It is a collection of many "best practices". In one place, we have access to several kinds of thinking/concept maps, bell ringer strategies, and closing strategies. I believe that it is an... more
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