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Rachel Yakey
Re Ashley
Tue Nov 25, 2014 07:49 (XFF:

I think that struggling students are aware of their struggles and with my EC students (who seem to love the videos the most) it is really a time issue. They hate having the other students wait on them during regular lecture/note taking. It draws attention to the fact that they are "slow". Having the videos and being able to pause and go back as many times as they would like, is the biggest sell with the flipped model.

Also I think my students just pay attention more whenever technology is introduced. If they can listen and watch something instead of sitting and listening they are more engaged, which I think is what is attributing to their high retention level.

In terms of needing the material, I am only using flipped lectures on material they already know: Point-of-view, characterization, context clues, etc. We will do one on plot structure and non-fiction text features soon, because for some students I literally have to hunt them down and get them to watch the video. This way if someone doesn't watch the video in time, they have enough prior knowledge to participate in classroom activities. I usually assign it a week in advance and talk it up. The videos are all on YouTube so they are accessible from a mobile phone, which most of my students parents have even if they don't have a computer at home. I also tell them to go to Bojangles on Saturday morning. They have to tell their parents, they need breakfast there because it's for their homework. :)

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