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Melissa Boyd
writing workshop
Tue Nov 25, 2014 13:00

Thanks for the informationTracy! I liked the way that you modeled then had students come up with writing ideas. I think your study is a good example of how to teach writing. I think it is important to model in both whole group and mini-lessons, use mentor texts, and give students some freedom while writing. I also like that you bridged writing to reading.

  • Re: Tracy & Candie - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 10:12
    Our students did not make a list of topics they just thought of something to write about for their new piece. To begin with I would model me thinking of something to write about then they closed... more
    • mini lessons - Emily Fox, Wed Nov 26 10:11
      Thanks for this information. I had also wondered what specifically was taught in the mini lessons. The checklist seemed like it had many of the topics that you focused on.
    • writing workshop - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 13:00
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