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Re: Response to Kimeljk
Tue Nov 25, 2014 14:10


Thanks for your feedback on student attitudes towards discussing what they read. I think that if students are loving talking about what they are reading, they will more likely grow to love reading as well! That's a good point that students of any age should be able to discuss their reading in depth as long as they are reading on their instructional/independent level. I shouldn't sell my students short in what I expect of them just because of their reading level or age. If we do our part as teachers we can help facilitate deep discussions about what our students are reading no matter their age or reading ability!

  • Response to Kimeljk - Ashley Carter, Sun Nov 23 18:31
    I'm not sure that their attitudes toward reading changed, however, their attitudes toward discussing what they read certainly did. Students became much more likely to provide more information than... more
    • Re: Response to Kimeljk - kimeljk, Tue Nov 25 14:10
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