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Tue Nov 25, 2014 15:48 (XFF:

I have been doing the word cards with my students. However, you guys have inspired me to be a bit more purposeful in making sure that the students can see the same types of patterns in their reading and writing that they see in the cards.

  • Impact - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 20:49
    Stacy, For me, it was very helpful to see not just teaching sight words in isolation but connected those sight words within connected text. This is something that I plan to continue throughout my... more
    • inspiration - Stacy, Tue Nov 25 15:48
      • sight words in context - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:51
        Sight words in context was something that stood out to me in one of the last few videos we had to watch for our other class with Dr. Ward. In the past, I had simply thought of sight words as... more
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