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Emily Fox
vocabulary we counted
Tue Nov 25, 2014 19:38

Thanks for your feedback Laura. As for the vocabulary that we counted as growth, we most definitely were looking for tier 2 words that had been taught. However, we counted any words students used that would be considered tier two, whether it was a word we explicitly taught or not.

In the beginning of our study, we were implementing some strategies for implicit teaching of vocabulary as well, but we found it to be overwhelming and difficult to gather data on. (Students were collecting their own "spicy" words in journals and word jars.) This encouraged the kids to be more aware of spicy words and how other writers used them.

While our focus did not stay on that type of instruction, I definitely think the kids' greater awareness of words in itself helped to grow their productive vocabulary.

I do think I'd like to continue the interventions. This past week I kind of slacked off on it and my students noticed and asked why were weren't talking about words so much this week. (hint to me, right?) I could really tell in the 4 weeks of interventions that my students were really growing and stood out for the language they were using in speaking and writing.

  • Presentation - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 20:52
    Great presentation! I can tell that you both worked very diligently to develop a detailed intervention plan working to turn receptive vocabulary into productive vocabulary. You did an excellent job... more
    • Re Future Plans - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 12:06
      I definitely plan on using this intervention plan throughout the year. I believe the intervention not only supported the students in their writing but is going to be a big help in their vocabulary... more
    • vocabulary we counted - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:38
      • reply - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 22:11
        Thanks for that clarification. I think your study was really awesome and I'm glad that its something that you hope to continue. Isn't it great when your students give you those little reminders? :)
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