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reply to Ashley
Tue Nov 25, 2014 19:40

My school uses Letterland to teach sounds, but in Kindergarten we don't have sorts for Letterland. I know first grade does for blends and digraphs.
My school recently built a book room where all of the teachers in the school compiled their leveled texts (or some texts that were not leveled- in this case the county reading specialist came in and leveled them) and we all have access to leveled texts, BUT, these texts are based on the Fountas and Pinnell leveling system which is slightly different from the mClass levels. We just have to use our judgement to figure out what level. Usually, in Kindergarten it isn't far off, but sometimes an "A" book is more like a level "B".
Back to the sorts, I really like using these sorts as it lets the students practice FSF and letter and letter sound correspondence. I'm excited to start sorts with my high group for Final Sounds.

  • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 21:23
    I enjoyed your presentation. We cited some of the same research! I love that you used picture sorts to build letter sound recognition. Do your schools also require use of a phonics program as well,... more
    • reply to Ashley - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:40
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