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Emily Fox
vocab and technology
Tue Nov 25, 2014 19:42

Thanks for your feedback. As mentioned before, Susan used a series called "Text Talk" which provided pre-selected tier two words to go along with each read aloud. I used the pre-selected "Amazing Words" used for growing oral vocabulary that is included in the Reading Street Curriculum, mandated at my school. However, there are many lists online if you search "tier two words" that can help you see what words would be considered in that category.

As far as technology goes, I used a introductory video each week that goes along with our Reading Street series that uses the words in context and correlates them to the video. At first I didn't show this before their pre-write and then began to show it to them. This seemed to help expose them to how the words can be used in context.

  • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 12:22
    Your students have made great growth in using tier 2 vocabulary words in their writing. I love the visual the bar graph gives us to show your students growth. How do you know which vocabulary words... more
    • Technology - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 11:21
      Emily explained where the words came from but here is a great resource you can use with your students that already have the lessons planned. more
      • Re: Technology - Tracy Cornacchio, Wed Nov 26 16:31
        Thank you for the resource!
    • vocab and technology - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:42
      • Re: vocab and technology - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 19:53
        Okay, I will have to look into some list for my classroom to start teaching more appropriate vocabulary! Thank you.
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