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Wed Nov 26, 2014 07:34 (XFF:

We left that part out of ours as well. I think we were so focused on trying to make what we did clear, that we didn't even think about the limits.

When I speak of limits for you guys, it isn't really a limitation because you are getting the students to take an honest look at their true vocabulary skills. It was amazing to me that the students are so honest about it. It makes me want to have those kinds of discussions with mine to see if they would be that honest.

  • Comfort Levels and Limitations - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:52
    I am right there with you Stacy. I think the fact that my students became more aware of their comfort level and their use of words show that they grew right there because they were having to think... more
    • limitations - Stacy, Wed Nov 26 07:34
    • Comfort levels - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 13:09
      i agree! The fact that your students are thinking more deeply about their writing is something that will stay with them and continue to grow as they move to higher grades.
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