Emily Fox
Tavia and Tiphani's presentation
Wed Nov 26, 2014 09:58

Your presentation was very clear and direct. I liked that there was a very distinct focus, which seems made it easier to collect data on. While looking at your distribution of focus students, is this a normal distribution of students in your classroom? Do you usually have a large or small number of students falling in the red on mClass at the beginning of their kindergarten year? Seeing the skills that these kids are lacking, it seems obvious that their parents are not reading with them at home. Do parents usually feel surprised or overwhelmed when they learn that their child is behind at the beginning of school?

Congrats on your success of the study! Your struggling students made good growth and I appreciated the bar graph to help show the skills acquired at the end of the study. My question, though, is even though these students made good growth during the study, do you think they will be able to catch up to where they should be by the end of the year? Or do you think they will always be somewhat behind in reading, due to their lack of background before kindergarten?

Also, are the picture sorts something that other kindergarten teachers use? Or is this a new strategy at your school? What did your colleagues think of this strategy?

  • Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - koppenhaverd, Sun Nov 16 13:25
    Discuss Tavia and Tiphani's presentation here. Have a true discussion. Ask them questions or make comments about their presentation. Compare their work to your own research or teaching experience.... more
    • Re: Tavia and Tiphani - Ashley Carter, Sat Dec 6 10:26
      I am so glad I got to see the results of your study! Since working in the clinic, I am always curious what the best ways are to implement these practices in a group setting. You did a wonderful job... more
    • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Kasey Gaines, Wed Nov 26 21:29
      I really enjoyed your presentation. It was interesting to hear how this went in a Kindergarten classroom because we did some similar things with our research. We even have some of the same research... more
      • Presentation and Data - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:52
        I enjoyed your description of the basic assessment measurements! This really helped me as a music teacher. FSF assessment, and TRC seem to be the first assessments of phonemes and naturally the best... more
    • Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Emily Fox, Wed Nov 26 09:58
      • re: picture sorts & parents - hodgete, Sat Nov 29 13:10
        Picture sorts are not something that the Kindergarten teachers at my school uses; though after being in the class I found out that our literacy specialist has recently graduated for this grad program ... more
    • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - kimeljk, Tue Nov 25 13:35
      I love you slide theme! So colorful and vibrant! Although it might not be the best assessment, I'm glad you used Reading 3D as your assessment tool because this is a mandatory assessment tool and it... more
      • reply to Jenny - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 20:04
        This is my first semester in Grad School, but Tavia has taken the course you are referring to, the sorts were Tavia's idea to do in our study so she may have been influenced by him. I am glad she had ... more
    • Presentation reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 21:55
      Nice work ladies! Your presentation was very thorough. The baseline data charts you provided were very well displayed and helped show participant data in a meaningful way. Thank you for clear... more
      • re presentation reply - catheyt, Wed Nov 26 10:21
        Laura, My guided reading looks very much like the emergent lesson plan. My students begin by rereading the 3 books, then I take out the oldest. The new book is introduced with the new sight words and ... more
      • reply to Lauren - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:58
        Thank you. We really thought it would be beneficial to include what exactly all of the assessments were, because upper grades won't do these same assessments and most likely won't be familiar with... more
    • Response to presentation - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:36
      I am amazed at the growth your students have made in such a short period of time. After being in the clinic, I think many of us have seen the results of using word sorts and guided reading to help... more
      • all groups - catheyt, Wed Nov 26 10:32
        Susan, I began reading groups with all of my students in September. I have an assistant in my class during that time, so we meet with all 22 students each day. The lesson plan is similar to the... more
        • Progress - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 12:10
          Wow! Look at you Tavia! That is marvelous that your students are really soaring through the use of guided reading! This is very encouraging and makes me want to look into what we do in our... more
          • Progress and Time - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 09:00
            You seemed to devote alot of instructional time to your intervention strategies, and I think this definitely helped with the progress. With our music study, we weren't given as much intervention... more
      • reply to Susan - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:51
        They really did grow quickly! This is my first semester taking Grad Classes, so I'm not very familiar with the class you are referring to (I've heard about it). At first I only did actual guided... more
        • State Benchmarks - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 10:14
          Oh the class I was referring to is the ASU Clinic. You will have it during the summer most likely. It is where you use Darrel Morris's one-to-one tutoring model with struggling readers. It was one of ... more
          • re: benchmarks - hodgete, Sat Nov 29 13:05
            Yes, last year I think only 1/3 of the class was at a level C, and a lot of parents of those children who were on grade level (at a RB - reading behaviors) at the beginning of the year freaked out. I ... more
    • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 21:23
      I enjoyed your presentation. We cited some of the same research! I love that you used picture sorts to build letter sound recognition. Do your schools also require use of a phonics program as well,... more
      • reply to Ashley - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:40
        My school uses Letterland to teach sounds, but in Kindergarten we don't have sorts for Letterland. I know first grade does for blends and digraphs. My school recently built a book room where all of... more
    • Tavia & Tiphani - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 20:52
      Wow! You both have your work cut out for you! I hope you both have help in your classrooms. I think picture sorts are a very effective strategy. Did you send the sorts home for extra practice? Does... more
      • reply to Melissa - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:34
        I didn't send sorts home for them to practice at home, I did send home the sort once they glued it and I graded it so that their parents could see how they are doing. That is a great idea though! My... more
    • autism - noltja 65, Sat Nov 22 21:14
      Nice presentation! Originally, I intended to research a topic similar to yours. This is such an important issue for our kinders. If only we could start this instruction during preschool!! It looks... more
      • re: autism - hodgete, Sun Nov 23 18:57
        This is the first Autistic student I've had in my class. I think it would benefit me to take that class. AY is very low performing in academics and it is frustrating sometimes because I feel like I... more
      • preschool instruction - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 10:57
        I agree that is becoming more of an issue at an early age. My student LS was diagnosed very young, while Tiphani's student was just diagnosed this year while in her classroom. I am taking the SPED... more
    • background knowledge - Stacy, Sat Nov 22 16:08
      It was interesting to hear you say that the students came to kindergarten with little word sound recognition knowledge. As an outsider to the elementary world, I learn a tremendous amount from you... more
      • re: background knowledge - hodgete, Sun Nov 23 19:06
        Piggy backing off of Tavia, Kinders are expected to come in knowing their letters and sounds, and unfortunately most of them don't. Those we come in knowing them are ahead and the others who don't... more
      • background knowledge - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 10:59
        Our kinders are expected to come to us with more knowledge than ever before. So much is expected of them in kindergarten. I don't think this is necessarily bad, but it puts our SES and second... more
        • parents' response? - Emily Fox, Wed Nov 26 09:50
          This was one area I questioned while watching your presentation. When you share with parents how low their child is at the beginning of kindergarten, what is their usual response?? It seems that so... more
          • re: parent's response - hodgete, Sat Nov 29 13:03
            Some parents are genuinely concerned and others don't become concerned until 1st grade when the student still isn't reading, and then some parents are not concerned at all. A lot of parents who... more
        • read alouds - response to Tavia - Stacy, Sun Nov 23 18:42
          Does your public library do a story time? I wonder if there is a way to get people to get out there for those events. You have me thinking about this as well. I would like to know how often my public ... more
          • library - catheyt, Wed Nov 26 10:35
            Stacy, That is a great idea. Unfortunately my school is pretty far from our public library. The families in my class who lack the most exposure wouldn't have access to the library. I wish there was... more
        • Ready for instruction? - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 16:33
          Have you also found that a lot of students, especially males, aren't ready for certain types of instruction in kindergarten now that the standards have changed? Seem to remember reading research on... more
          • re: ready? - hodgete, Sun Nov 23 19:12
            Like Tavia, I don't see a difference in genders. There are so many factors that can effect their readiness. Their age is a big thing, literally half my class was born in April, May, or June. I only... more
          • males - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 18:32
            I don't see as many gender differences. i know that developmentally girls can be more "ready" than boys. But really the biggest factor in school readiness in my experience is socio-economic and... more
            • Readiness - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 19:08
              Thank you for your insight. I defiantly agree. I always get a smile when I see my own 3-year-old surrounded by books in his room. I can see a difference between my children and my nieces and nephews... more
    • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Nov 22 08:48
      I think you both did a great job collecting data and using appropriate interventions with your students. I liked how you collected data on the students letter sounds, upper case letter recognition,... more
      • response to Nicole - hodgete, Sat Nov 22 11:43
        Thank you! In our data display we had a chart that showed the growth of all students from the beginning to the end and had actually put it in the presentation as well, but at the last minute we felt... more
        • Re: response to Nicole - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Nov 22 12:55
          Okay, I understand your reason for not putting it in there! Once again great work!
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