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re presentation reply
Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:21

My guided reading looks very much like the emergent lesson plan. My students begin by rereading the 3 books, then I take out the oldest. The new book is introduced with the new sight words and we do a picture walk to introduce any unfamiliar vocabulary. I use a teaching point (using first letters and picture to figure out unknown words, etc) the students read independently. I found it is very successful with my students. The rereading helps build fluency and provides practice with sight words.

  • Presentation reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 21:55
    Nice work ladies! Your presentation was very thorough. The baseline data charts you provided were very well displayed and helped show participant data in a meaningful way. Thank you for clear... more
    • re presentation reply - catheyt, Wed Nov 26 10:21
    • reply to Lauren - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:58
      Thank you. We really thought it would be beneficial to include what exactly all of the assessments were, because upper grades won't do these same assessments and most likely won't be familiar with... more
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