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Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:32

I began reading groups with all of my students in September. I have an assistant in my class during that time, so we meet with all 22 students each day. The lesson plan is similar to the emergent plan: they begin by rereading 3 books, then we do sorts. Everyone began with picture sorts except my highest group who began with word family sorts. Then we read a new book.

I've seen growth in all of my students. 3/5 of my groups are now in word family sorts. My struggling students (EB & AE) who were part of this study are still working on picture sorts, although EB is on the last set. I have a few other students in a lower group who are finishing up their last set of picture sorts. Only 5/22 students are reading at A. The rest are all B or C already. I have 3 Ds. I think this is primarily because of the work with the sorts. My students who are working with the word family sorts are reading cvc words independently. Many of my students already mastered 20 out of the 25 K sight words. I'm absolutely blown away with their progress!

I've shared this data with my grade level and they are all (but one) beginning the sorts in their class as well. I'm interested to see how this effects their data.

  • Response to presentation - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:36
    I am amazed at the growth your students have made in such a short period of time. After being in the clinic, I think many of us have seen the results of using word sorts and guided reading to help... more
    • all groups - catheyt, Wed Nov 26 10:32
      • Progress - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 12:10
        Wow! Look at you Tavia! That is marvelous that your students are really soaring through the use of guided reading! This is very encouraging and makes me want to look into what we do in our... more
        • Progress and Time - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 09:00
          You seemed to devote alot of instructional time to your intervention strategies, and I think this definitely helped with the progress. With our music study, we weren't given as much intervention... more
    • reply to Susan - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 19:51
      They really did grow quickly! This is my first semester taking Grad Classes, so I'm not very familiar with the class you are referring to (I've heard about it). At first I only did actual guided... more
      • State Benchmarks - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 10:14
        Oh the class I was referring to is the ASU Clinic. You will have it during the summer most likely. It is where you use Darrel Morris's one-to-one tutoring model with struggling readers. It was one of ... more
        • re: benchmarks - hodgete, Sat Nov 29 13:05
          Yes, last year I think only 1/3 of the class was at a level C, and a lot of parents of those children who were on grade level (at a RB - reading behaviors) at the beginning of the year freaked out. I ... more
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