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Rachel Yakey
Thu Nov 27, 2014 07:14

The whole class was differentiated. I had four groups in that class, separated by reading level and needs. To get the reading level, I use a computer program called STAR. You probably know it, but it gives me a good indication. It isn't the best so when I think it isn't correct I give them the flash from an IRI. Then have them read a mini IRI or a complete one depending on what info I need. Two groups were at a 3-4th grade level. One group at a 5th grade level reading a different book and a final one at a high 6th-7th grade level reading another book. Each of them have specific activities based on their book and needs. While I'm with one group, the other groups are working on their activities. Probably very similar to stations in the elementary levels.

  • Re: Jennie and Rachel's presentation - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 12:06
    I am glad to see differentiated instruction is effective at a higher than elementary school level. I teach kindergarten and I know it works in my classroom but I was unsure about the upper level... more
    • Class - Rachel Yakey, Thu Nov 27 07:14
      • Re: Class - Tracy Cornacchio, Thu Nov 27 09:00
        Okay, that's wonderful you were able to make groups with all of your students. I have never used STAR but the IRI seems to be a great reading assessment!
        • Star - Rachel yakey, Thu Nov 27 09:28
          The IRI is the better option but with 80-100 students a year with no assistant I can't IRI every student. I know my daughters school uses STAR.
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