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Candie Hedrick
Fri Nov 28, 2014 16:29

I used to teach 1st grade. I had some students with fluency problems. Once the student did have good accuracy, I would find a book he/she was very interested in and we would do one minute timings over and over again. The student couldn't wait to see if they were able to read just one more word that time. In the reading clinic this past summer, the 3rd grade I tutored loved doing the one minute timings. Rate started to improve.

  • future - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 18:47
    I think once they have good accuracy, repeated readings that include charting rates will be helpful.
    • Rates - Candie Hedrick, Fri Nov 28 16:29
      • Fluency and Tracking - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:30
        I liked your intervention strategies and noticed that they were very similar in concept to our project: increasing fluency through speed and accuracy. I believe that I could use some of your... more
    • Re: future - Tracy cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 19:22
      It sounds like you have a good plan to help your students in reading!
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