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Candie Hedrick
Students writing
Fri Nov 28, 2014 20:04

Thank you. My students do use the office. Although, I had to remind the whole class a couple of times about what information was on there and that they could use it in their writing. Labeling is working out well. The students are sounding out words and not only are they seeing what they need to include in the picture, but they see what they need in their writing. Most of the students still need direction.

  • writing office - hodgete, Sun Nov 23 20:21
    Iím curious, what things are in their writing office (sight words, letters, etc)? Iíve seen many different ones but havenít found one I really like. Do your students refer to the writing office while ... more
    • Students writing - Candie Hedrick, Fri Nov 28 20:04
    • Re: writing office - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 10:05
      We created our own writing office and I have a picture of it if you would like to see what it looks like. We included letters, sight words, classmateís names, color words, days of the week, months of ... more
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