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re: parent's response
Sat Nov 29, 2014 13:03

Some parents are genuinely concerned and others don't become concerned until 1st grade when the student still isn't reading, and then some parents are not concerned at all. A lot of parents who aren't concerned feel like it's the teachers job, but this isn't something that I've seen in Hispanic families. In my participants, only 1 of the ESL is Hispanic. The other ESL is Asian. Hispanic children typically are at a disadvantage solely because their parents never learned the phonics portion of the language, or do not know the language itself. The Hispanic children I've had have always been average or slightly above average.
I agree, it is unfortunate for the first child, but if the first and second child are close in age it is beneficial so they can learn skills together and the first child won't feel as if they aren't smart.

  • parents' response? - Emily Fox, Wed Nov 26 09:50
    This was one area I questioned while watching your presentation. When you share with parents how low their child is at the beginning of kindergarten, what is their usual response?? It seems that so... more
    • re: parent's response - hodgete, Sat Nov 29 13:03
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