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RE: Rachel
Sun Nov 30, 2014 08:17

Hi Rachel,

I'm going to try and get this data after the Thanksgiving know how teachers can drag on non-imperative tasks, especially favors from other teachers.

From conversation, it seems like the kids are operating more successfully in their other classes, but I don't have any formal write-ups yet. We will add those to the paper.

  • Response to Presentation - Rachel Yakey, Sat Nov 22 08:20
    After also playing the violin since 5th grade, I found your study very interesting. I have always thought that music helps student develop a lot of skills that transfer to other areas and subjects. I ... more
    • RE: Rachel - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:17
      • Results - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 30 16:48
        Thank you, I will look for it there.
    • teacher responses - noltja 65, Sat Nov 22 20:55
      We were still waiting on results/answers from teachers at the time that we created the presentation so that piece of the project will be included in our paper. I am also curious about their... more
      • Confidence - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 12:57
        I think a lot of confidence was gained through being successful in music. And I think your research showed that - especially with the comments from the students about them raising hands, etc. I think ... more
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