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Quantitative Data
Mon Dec 1, 2014 20:30

You can easily include the assessment data from your beginning and end assessments. I'm sure you have a way to quantify the responses, but you could also figure out a way to code teacher observations. Something like a scale determining the level of meaningful participation. Also, since you video taped, you could also quantify the behaviors the students exhibited while reading and comprehending (inflection in reading: high, avg, low, depth of comprehension, etc)

  • Re: Ashley C. and Stacy's presentation - Tracy Cornacchiot, Tue Nov 25 12:14
    I like how your incorporated graphic organizers for your EC students to comprehend text. I would have loved to see a visual graph of your students growth.I also liked how you used interviews as part... more
    • Re: Tracy - Ashley Carter, Wed Dec 3 11:18
      The graphic organizers were such a key part of student growth. I am so glad that we used them too. Sometimes students with disabilities need a concrete format for interpreting abstract data, I think... more
    • Quantitative Data - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 20:30
      • One more thing on Quantitative - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 20:35
        I noticed from your graphic organizers that you have a grade on one of them. This would be a very easy way to track progress, and you could include your rubric for grading here. You could then track... more
    • visual graph - Stacy, Tue Nov 25 15:50
      I received that thought in one of our reviews and have since made those graphs. It just wasn't in time for the presentation. There will be one or two in the paper though. That is a great comment and... more
      • Re: visual graph - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 19:24
        It seems like you have a good plan to help your students in reading. Good luck to you in helping your students grow even more.
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