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Ashley Carter
Re: Kasey Gaines
Wed Dec 3, 2014 11:11

Kasey, I also have very limited experience in students in the upper grades. It was so interesting to learn how different engagement can look in middle schoolers as opposed to the elementary students that I am used to working with. Stacy does a great job working with all of her students despite reading levels and it was so cool to learn what she was doing in her classroom that I could later implement in mine.

  • Re: Ashley C. and Stacy's presentation - Kasey Gaines, Wed Nov 26 21:47
    I really enjoyed your research presentation. I love learning more about the upper grades, since I have not had as much experience with older students. I really liked the Think-Through activity that... more
    • Re: Kasey Gaines - Ashley Carter, Wed Dec 3 11:11
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