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Ashley Carter
RE: Susan
Wed Dec 3, 2014 11:16

Susan, this is absolutely something that could be adapted for any grade. The most important thing to us was that students are reading on their instructional levels. Grouping the students purposefully on Stacy's part ensured that this could happen. I would suggest doing just as Stacy did. Grouping students purposefully based on reading levels (she used Lexile scores and mini IRIs to do this), allowing students to choose what book they read as interest plays a huge role in comprehension and even fluency, then developing graphic organizers that demand more than simple recall of information. This means students have to look back in the book to find their answers and are required to engage more thoroughly with the text.

  • Response to Presentation - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 10:25
    You both did a fabulous job presenting your study. It was very detailed and I had a great understanding of exactly how Stacy conducted her classroom and what her expectations were. I think what you... more
    • RE: Susan - Ashley Carter, Wed Dec 3 11:16
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