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Lori & The Two Hound Train
Anal gland issues
Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:46am

How's that for a subject???
Poor Wilson cannot shake the infection in his right gland. He has had it infused with an antibiotic three times, flushed with an antiseptic, he is on oral antibiotics, and now because there is so much inflammation, prednisone. UGH! He had it expressed last Tuesday. Yesterday it was so inflamed, I could see it! Took him in --- thankfully --- it was ready to rupture. They flushed it with an antiseptic. Vet could hardly express just clear liquid out of it. The duct itself is constricted either because (1) bad infection with lots of inflammation (2) scar tissue has formed or (3) a tumor is constricting the duct.
She said it is not diet or the lack of fiber. The left gland is perfect and the vet said his poo is perfect. He has to go back on Monday for a recheck. If it is still infected and/or blocked, we may consider surgery. This is actually the second vet to say this, given the circumstances. We're not jumping into to it at all, but she said we need to see some improvement. Anyone been through this?

    • Luckily no experience with it for us. - SD&B, Wed Nov 30 10:26pm
      But it sounds like it's pretty bad for poor Wilson. I like to avoid surgery, but it's sounding like it may be the only hope of relief for poor Wilson. I hope the medication helps him this time. Make... more
      • He is actually doing better today. He hasn't been - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Dec 1 7:47am
        licking at his bum at all. The vet decided against infusing the gland with an antibiotic, thinking maybe he was having a negative reaction, so instead flushed it several times with an antiseptic. Not ... more
        • Glad to hear that! - SD&B, Thu Dec 1 10:30am
          Hope he continues doing better. And it's awesome that your vet is open on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm sure that is a great comfort.
    • Poor baby! Izzy just had hers done = we're monitoring her " - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Wed Nov 30 10:57am
      'activity' but so far so good. Wilson must be so upset having everyone mess around with his butt
      • He is such a trooper! The vet even commented numerous - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Nov 30 11:00am
        what a sweet and good boy he is.....he literally just stands there and lets them do their thing. I am very lucky he is such a laid back dog (except when the mailman shows up!). You can tell he is... more
    • Poor guy I hope he gets better (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Wed Nov 30 7:22am
    • Nick has had issues but not like that - Karan, Mom to Goldendoodle Nick, Tue Nov 29 8:06pm
      Probably not helpful for you, but I can sort of relate. Nick has had anal gland issues because hers are located at an angle and it is hard for them to be expressed naturally. Every so often I have... more
      • I feel so bad for the boy! We have always had to have - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Nov 29 10:40pm
        his glands expressed at the vet on a regular basis. No matter what he was fed, he could not empty them on his own. I can handle that. Just hoping the meds do the trick and we don't have to... more
    • Well that's why we have these doodle forums :) - Carol (BCR), Tue Nov 29 8:59am
      I have no experience in this. You know, maybe you should ask Sher. I think one of her dogs had a constant issue with this. Poor baby!
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