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Please keep Sundog in your thoughts on Thursday.
Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:19pm

She has her tooth extraction tomorrow (Thursday). I hope that it is a totally uneventful surgery. I also hope that her other teeth are okay and only the one stump has to come out.

    • What did I miss? How did you find out about it? - Carol (BCR), Thu Dec 1 9:25am
      Sundog is a real trooper. She's a strong girl. Keep us posted.
      • Well.... - SD&B, Thu Dec 1 10:27am
        On the day I was leaving to visit NC for 2 weeks about 2 hours before time to leave, I noticed that the number of her bottom teeth was an odd number. As in 5. I looked and there was a stump from a... more
    • good luck today! (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Thu Dec 1 9:24am
    • Hope all goes well today! Always hate sedation and - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Dec 1 7:51am
      you never know what they'll find once they get in there. Woody has had two extractions and he did great after - no real down time. Keep us posted!
      • Thank you. - SD&B, Thu Dec 1 10:28am
        Glad to hear Woody did well with his extractions.
    • I will say a prayer all goes well !!!:O( (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Thu Dec 1 7:21am
    • Co-miserating with both you and Sundog! - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Wed Nov 30 10:39pm
      Ozzie has his procedures on Feb 22 (Long wait to get dental surgery here!) Hopefully only 2 extractions. Interesting that I just heard from Ozzie's brother's Mom. He just had dental surgery and 3... more
      • She actually broke her tooth off. - SD&B, Wed Nov 30 10:44pm
        Yikes! I'm sure I found it quickly and that she'll be okay. It doesn't bother her at the moment. But I'm always a bit nervous when it comes to surgery, even though she always sails through any... more
        • Yep, Mr. Rock Eating Ozzie did the same - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Wed Nov 30 10:47pm
          This happened quite a while ago but just recently the vet said it would be a good idea to do cleaning and extract the broken teeth. He will be 13 in March and I don't want to risk waiting for an... more
          • Yeah, I think Sundog has poodle teeth. - SD&B, Wed Nov 30 11:08pm
            They were awful by the time she was 3.5 yo. She had them cleaned then and I started brushing her teeth then. It's really helped. She hasn't needed a cleaning since then. She wouldn't need one now,... more
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