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Carol (BCR)
Taking Bruno in for shot #4. All is well here (nm)
Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:29am

    • Will you continue with more shots? - SD&B, Sun Jun 18 2:28am
      Or stop at this set of 4? How is Bruno doing?
      • I made an appointment for #5 & 6 - Carol (BCR), Sun Jun 18 8:27am
        next week Tues/Fri. I'm pretty sure that should be enough. Vet said I should let him know how he's doing. I think he's doing well. He's not flying in mid-air (I don't expect that lol) but he's moving ... more
    • Good !!!! (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Fri Jun 16 5:00pm
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