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I have a real problem Rocky is a great dog but his jumping o
Mon Aug 7, 2017 9:51am

when they enter my house is really bothering my husband and he can be over powering with his strength. My grandkids come over and I crate him but he'll bark until he comes out. He is the most lovable dog but that's his only problem. I've tried stepping on his leash but he still pulls over to greet people. Help!!!!!!

    • The "classic" way to stop jumping - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Aug 8 12:11am
      Enlist some help and have someone ring the bell and enter the house. When Rocky starts to jump, turn around. Don't let them jump up in front of you. Keep turning your back until they stop. You may... more
    • I'm not the greatest resource either. - SD&B, Mon Aug 7 7:49pm
      Sounds like he is over excited. I've heard a great thing to do is to give him something else to do. Can you ask him to bring a toy or to go to his mat or do any other task? I haven't worked on it... more
    • I am the worst person to give advice - Carol (BCR), Mon Aug 7 7:37pm
      Someone here must know. Tethering?
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