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Carol (BCR)
Well, try to help a dog and you get kicked in the ass
Wed Dec 6, 2017 10:39pm

I was asked by my friend to post about that Sheepadoodle. I posted everything I was told. Well, the owner got wind of it and told my friend off because she didn't want people to know she was told to put the dog down by her breeder. I was asked to take the post down. NEVER again! So now the dog ends up suffering (and probably will get worse) because of a stupid human owner.

    • So frustrating! This about a dog who needs help and a new - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Dec 7 7:33am
      home. This should not be about the owner. But then again maybe what she said about the breeder isn't completely true? Maybe she embellished? Maybe she is being overly dramatic to find the dog a home? ... more
    • That's horrible!!! Sometimes Carol the more you - Peggy(Rocky), Thu Dec 7 4:24am
      try to help out with good advice and intentions it does back fire. A friend of mine was at a party with her daughter and her daughter had a little boy born with autism so I went over to talk to her... more
    • Who cares if anyone knows what the breeder said? It's not like the breeder is going to help the owner. And the owner should be honest with anyone thinking about taking her dog. I certainly wouldn't... more
      • Something is just weird about this - Carol (BCR), Thu Dec 7 9:46pm
        I took down all my posts. I want nothing to do with it. Tried to help. Poor dog....
        • Yes, you don't know who to trust. - SD&B, Thu Dec 7 10:09pm
          Is the owner not telling all the details (has the dog shown itself to be a real danger and is not salvageable)? Or is the breeder being a real b*tch (too much trouble to train it, so put it down)? Or ... more
          • It stinks all the way around - Carol (BCR), Thu Dec 7 10:23pm
            My take: She just had that baby and can't handle the dog. I bet she bugged the crap out of the breeder and the breeder finally said "put him down" to get rid of her. All I know is after I posted (and ... more
            • So you wonder if it is a situation - SD&B, Fri Dec 8 12:22am
              where she exaggerated a bit or a lot and it just totally blew up on her and she doesn't know how to unwind it? So entirely possible. I feel sorry for the dog too.
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