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We will know on May 27th.
Sat May 12, 2018 11:50pm

Temperament testing will be on May 27th and pups will be assigned then. Two weeks from today! So exciting!!!

    • Counting the days!! (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon May 14 1:30pm
    • Can't wait. What temperament are you hoping for? - Izzy and foster's mom, Sun May 13 4:51pm
      Active and outgoing? I'd be hoping for a friendly couch potato :)
      • I asked for a - SD&B, Sun May 13 5:38pm
        "go anywhere, do anything" type of dog as the first priority. Then I listed some other traits, such as calm and confident. With energy, but not hyper. Helper type of dog. Etc.... Description I put on ... more
        • That's a great description. I probably wouldn't have - Izzy and foster's mom, Sun May 13 10:11pm
          thought it out that much. When we got ours I was more like "do you have a puppy available"..."ok" :) I know a lot more now
          • Yeah, I know more now too, lol. - SD&B, Sun May 13 10:35pm
            When I got Sundog, I had been offered a littermate to Barney. I said that I didn't want a littermate to Barney. They asked what I wanted and I said a "go anywhere, do anything" type of dog. A day or... more
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