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Doodle Mom Carol
Lucy, Chico just ate a whole can of this
Wed Aug 8, 2018 3:27pm

    • Presentation is everything! - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Aug 14 8:56pm
      He has eaten the meatballs now 3 nights in a row. This is the same starting material as the crumbled up meat loaf slices! Next he gonna want a serviette and a finger bowl. He already demands a place... more
    • OK, get this,... - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Aug 12 7:35pm
      Ozzie will eat my homemade meatloaf if I roll it up into little meatballs and cook them. I have been cooking the meatloaf, then slicing it, and stirring it up with a fork. He will just eat the big... more
      • That is hilarious! - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Aug 12 7:51pm
        Start making the meatballs Mom!! haha
    • I will try - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Aug 8 7:35pm
      we are done with raw. After giving him raw, mixed with cooked, meat loaf...he hopped out of bed at 5 AM to go to the door. We went for a walk shortly thereafter and he had MASSIVE diarrhea on the... more
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