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Ozzie's cough
Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:06pm

Ozzie went to his vet today for a once over and an evaluation of his cough. X-ray showed clear lungs and normal heart. Heart sounds were normal. Vet said heart unlikely to be cause of cough. She said older dogs often have laryngeal spasms that could be causing cough. Possibly an allergic reaction to some environmental something. She suggested trying 25 mg of benadryl at night to see if that helps. Just what I need....a comatose Ozzie...even more comatose than he is under normal circumstances. All in all it was positive report and she said "nothing to treat." Assessment overall is that he is in remarkable good health for doggie his age. Teeth is great tartar. She was impressed with daily brushings! So fingers crossed for continued good health. He will be getting galliprant on a regular basis to help with soreness in back. She also recommended seeing an orthopedic person for a treatment regimen outside of his PT. Felt relieved!

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