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Nutramx contacted me this AM!
Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:07pm

Sent me a prepaid return questions asked. Will send replacement today. They said to buy only from recommended vendors. OK with more Amazon. Not sure whether my stuff was real or fake. The only difference I noted from past orders was that more pieces were stuck together. I sent them all the information that I could find on the package and they could not verify whether it was real or fake. Very conscientious on their part. They recommended getting from vet!

  • Heck, not me! - SD&B, Wed Aug 15 12:39am
    I wouldn't know. My vet practice posted the article on Facebook, so I thought it might be useful for some of my fellow doodlers. I think it's mighty nice of Nutramax to replace counterfeit... more
    • Nutramx contacted me this AM! - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Aug 15 5:07pm
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