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Dog Friendly Dentist!
Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:24am

My back was up against the wall this AM. The cough suppression meds the vet gave Ozzie turned him into a dishrag. He could hardly stand up. I had dentist appt at 11AM and his sitter had 5 dogs so we didn't want to go there. I was afraid to leave him at home by himself in case he slipped. or fell and couldn't get up. Called dentist and they said "Bring him in." OK, I did. Took his bed and he went in the room where my teeth were to be cleaned. Got on his bed and didn't take his eyes off of the action for nearly one hour. Hygienist kept telling him "Good boy, good Ozzie." He liked that and I tossed him treats every now and then. He was such a good boy! Who knew that there were dog-friendly dental offices???

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