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Doodle Mom Carol
Mine love canned tripe
Mon Sep 3, 2018 2:37pm

I mix it in their kibble. They love the stink. lol

  • I hope he finds some relief from the CBD oil. - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Mon Sep 3 8:53am
    I have Woody on it as well. What brand did you choose? I tried two kinds with no real difference. Did some additional research and made my way to Pet Retleaf. We have just started back on it so... more
    • Hope so too - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Sep 3 9:32pm
      I finally relented and gave him a Galliprant today. I think he does feel better now. Maybe it is the combo. CBD oil is "Treatibles". I got it at Pet Food Express because it was returnable if he... more
      • I did find the recipe for satin balls and would - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Sep 4 7:43am
        be happy to send it to you, if you'd like. If you decide to try Pet Releaf, reach out to their customer service via email. They will personally respond and help you with dosage. I bought the most... more
        • Satin ball recipe..yes, please - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Sep 4 10:10am
          You can click on my name above for email. Yes, I will definitely call them. I am sure that Woody would accept direct mouth dosage. Ozzie doesn't mind it all and it's very easy. Once you get their... more
          • recipe - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Sep 5 8:05am
    • Mine love canned tripe - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Sep 3 2:37pm
      • Yes, same here - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Sep 3 9:26pm
        I keep both frozen green and canned for emergency situations where he hasn't eaten in 48 hours. The tripe will usually get his eater going again.
        • I bought the frozen once. Once. - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Sep 4 7:53am
          My hounds LOVED it, but the stench almost killed me. I don't usually get grossed out by anything when it comes to the pups, but I draw the line at frozen tripe. GAG!
          • Not so bad, if... - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Sep 4 10:12am
            you work with it half frozen Ozzie's comes in 2 lb chlubs. I partially thaw and then hack it into 4 pieces and re-freeze 3 of them. First time i used frozen green tripe I thought I was going to die.... more
        • I buy by the case. lol (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Sep 3 9:38pm
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