Breakfast/dinner report
Mon Sep 3, 2018 9:25pm

Chopped up roasted chicken with kibble in AM....Check!
Chopped up round steak cook in foil with kibble and meat juice in PM....Check!

OK, we got through today with BOTH meals eaten and plate cleaned. Ozzie has learned "clean your plate". If there are morsels of kibble left, I tell him to go clean his plate. He does that and then goes and stands in front of the pantry door where I keep his "desserts." I tell you, these dogs are human!

  • You are SO going through - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Sep 3 8:26am
    the eating part like I am... That breakfast will last about 3-4 days and he'll decide he hates it. Just letting you know. lol
    • Breakfast/dinner report - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Sep 3 9:25pm
      • Yep same here! - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Sep 3 9:38pm
        I just ran out of roasted chicken. It'll have to be bacon and eggs w/kibble tomorrow. If he doesn't get a little something on top, it's a no go. Such a brat.
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