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Thanks for asking
Fri Sep 7, 2018 12:10am

He is holding his own here. His eater is working again. like Chico, he has to have some meat on top of his kibble and 75% of the time he will eat that. I give him small portions and if he cleans his plate he gets a bit more. The frustrating thing is that he can no longer walk any distance at all. We are so used to going to Half Moon Bay to the beach or walking on the bluffs above Mavericks. I don't think he can do that now. Maybe we'll just go for our fish lunch and forget the walk. So thanks for thinking of us. For being nearly 15, he is doing pretty well. I does take his CBD oil twice a day and then he has Galliprant. No more pain meds. Being a zombie is not quality of life, IMO.

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