Doodle Mom Carol
Chico's full day meal plan yesterday
Tue Nov 6, 2018 11:58am

1/2 cup plain yogurt. That is all he had (period)
This morning I got him to eat some kibble/eggs. If this continues, I'm going to bring him into the vet. Maybe they can do some lab work. I can't take a dog that won't eat. UGH

    • Foster is back to not eating too - I know how you feel - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Tue Nov 13 11:16am
      about not being able to take it. The vet suggested salmon. They loved it, but then both got diarrhea. Izzy's was so bad we took her to the emergency room. Izzy is now eating boiled chicken and rice,... more
    • Short rations - LucyR Ozzie Mom, Mon Nov 12 8:30pm
      Carol, I hope I am not spitting in the wind with this report. But...once more...keeping Ozzie on short rations is keeping him eating on a regular basis. He gets 1/3 cup of his kibble (Lotus baked... more
      • LOL @ spitting in the wind! - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Nov 12 8:36pm
        I cut his kibble in half but the topper part has to change. We just went through the 5 days on ground raw on top. Now he wants tripe on top. That'll last 4-5 days and we have to switch. He's making... more
        • So is ozzie...losing weight - LucyR Ozzie Mol, Mon Nov 12 10:17pm
          but that is not necessarily a bad thing for an older dog. Easier on their hips and legs. Ozzie's harness is hanging off of him. Re switching....yes I have to do that do. I cook up some hamburger... more
    • Guess you are now a short order cook! - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Nov 7 7:02am
      Maybe the variety will keep him interested. Sounds like a pain, but the boy is worth it.
      • Guess what? This morning - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Nov 7 7:52am
        I only fed R & R. Guess who actually came to the kitchen like "what about me" I made him his breakfast and he licked the plate clean. I swear I'm going to go nuts!
    • Well today he ate a whole can of lamb tripe - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Nov 6 5:36pm
      I give up with this boy. He wants something different every 2-3 days.
    • :O( I hope it's nothing to worry about !!!! (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Nov 6 4:24pm
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