Lori & The Two Hound Train
Thanks for sharing! I had no idea Frosty and Icy
Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:28am

had OSS. I am a firm believer in that as well. Did you chose that on your own or is that how Joyce runs her program now?

I do worry about the male version - only because how it appears. Most people poo-poo intact male dogs. And admittedly I am one of them --- even though I know neutering a dog is not the only option! However, I would likely chose that route if given a choice (haven't done enough research and aren't faced with a decision right now).

  • Great article. Thanks for sharing. - SD&B, Tue Nov 13 3:35pm
    The article talked about the problems with ESN. There are benefits, but they are few and mostly minor, especially when weighed against the disadvantages. Sundog was ESN and was incontinent by 4... more
    • Thanks for sharing! I had no idea Frosty and Icy - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Nov 14 7:28am
      • Frosty and Icy - SD&B, Wed Nov 14 2:31pm
        Joyce gives each owner the option of OSS/vasectomy or ESN. Some chose OSS/vasectomy and some chose ESN in each litter. We will see how it works out. With OSS/vasectomy, you can convert to spay/neuter ... more
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