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Natalie Del Gallo
2/27 Discussion
Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:24pm

I think the Boyle paper will be entertaining to write. Although I wouldn’t go out of the way to read these stories, they really are not that bad. My favorite ones come from the death section because you know some one is going to die so it is like a mystery trying to solve it. The stories I really didn’t like fell under the love section. The people in those stories are obsessed with things and not in a healthy way. It scares me that functional normal people can somehow change into some one so crazy. I am going to do my paper on the themes in the death section of the book. I choose this because the stories about greed are most interesting. I am going to do Human Fly and On for the Long Haul. I mostly chose my topic based on my favorite story and went with that. I liked On for the Long Haul the best because the circumstances are horrible for Bayard and his family. The plot keeps you engaged and the ending leaves you feeling sad but with a sense of he had it coming. The Human Fly I am not a huge fan of but since they have the same themes I decided to go with it. I am going to talk about the agents in both stories and the men dealing with them. I am also going to talk about the greed aspect of both these agents and how horrible of men they actually were. Then I am going to write a lot of other stuff supporting those facts. I think the stories Boyle has chosen for his book are stories that really bother him in some way or another. All his stories deal with an unhealthy obsession in someone’s life. He then shows how those obsessions influence people and they act when they get around the obsessed person. His stories really make you take a look at human life and what it means to different people. The entire people he has written about have a warped sense of the world, but in their minds they are acting like completely rational human beings.

Word count: 361

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