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Ben Masius
Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:59pm

For this next paper I am going to compare and contrast two of T.C. Boyle stories that we have read. I am going to use the story Little Fur People and Carnal Knowledge to identify the theme that Boyle puts into these two stories. I pick these two stories because they were my favorite ones we read. They both go along with the theme of animals and the environment. However, both stories go on two different paths of saving animals. In Carnal knowledge she goes to great lengths to save the animals and actually ends up hurting more animals then she saves. Little fur people the old lady helps out all the little squirrels she can to keep and save all 32 of them. However they are very different in how they do it. Both of Boyle stories go to the extreme in saving the animals and how they do it. I think between these two stories Boyle wants us to realize that there is a happy medium on what we should do to help the animals. In the story Carnal knowledge the ecoterriost girl goes around and protests as well as destroy records that have been tested on animals so they have to do the research all over again as well as let the turkeys out that ended up getting hit by a truck and dying. Little fur people has an old lady who rescues squirrels 32 to be exact but after she recuses them she does not release them back into the wild. The squirrels act as her pacemaker and exclude her from the rest of world including her family. I think Boyle tells us that there is a right way to help animals and it should be done in moderation. We need to do something to save the animals and help them out in the right way and should involve helping them not hurting the animals, if you are going to release animals who should have a plan of what you are going to do with them before you go do it or if you are going to rescue animals you should release them back into the wild after they are healed.
Word count 365

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