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Linda Hargis-Rodriguez
3/6 Discussion
Fri Mar 6, 2015 10:44am

This whole week in class has been very helpful. Last week when we were required to write about the same topic as this week, I was a tad bit unsure on what to write about. I was not aware that if I decided to compare and contrast, that my two stories had to be from the same section. In my last discussion about this topic, I said I was going to write my paper on Little Fur People and Big Game. That obviously has to change now. After having some insight this week in class about making an analysis I have finally decided to write my paper on Modern Love and Little fur people. Both of these stories come straight from the Love section of the book. I am still certain about doing a comparison and contrast. I think that the two stories I have chosen are perfect for this assignment because there are a few common similarities within the story along with their differences. So far, I have realized that the women in each story have psychological problems. Everyone can agree on this statement based on each of the women’s actions in the stories. On page 6, in Modern Love, Breda states “I’ve seen this movies six times now…am dot gets to me every time. What a life, what a perfect life. Don’t you envy him?”. In this scene of Modern love, the couple was watching a movie about a boy who lived in a bubble away from all germs and bacteria. This statement alone indicates that Breda is not completely sane. On page, in Little Fur People, Mrs. Gargano states “My squirrels-my sick ones, the ones in need, people have been bringing them to me for years….”. This statement alone indicates alone that Mrs. Gargano was not mentally healthy because she referred the squirrels as her babies. Both of these statements given shows that Boyle thinks that people who have some type of obsession are mentally ill. In each story he describes their obsession with much detail. Boyle shows indication of this because neither of the main characters have a happy ending. Their obsession does not lead to anywhere but misery. I am glad I attended class this week because now I am more confident about writing this essay.

Word count: 381

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