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Tamar Turner
3/6 Discussion
Fri Mar 6, 2015 2:36pm

The two stories I have chosen to write my story on are “On for the Long Haul” and “The Human Fly” based on the theme of greed and obsession. Although both characters ultimately lead different lives they both end up the same way, deceased. More specifically in “On for the Long Haul”, Wemp was a paranoid individual who moved his family and spent $500,000 cash on surgery for him and his wife and gave no second-thought to it. He practically left his life behind to move to the middle of nowhere in hopes of survival. Instead he only placed himself as well as his family in harms way at the expense of Arkson, who just wanted money. Arkson can be seen as the center-piece of the idea of greed because all he wanted at the end of the day was money. He cared nothing for the health of those he was moving in but rather just supplying them with the resources they needed so in the end he was bringing in more and more money. However, Wemp was too gullible to read through Arkson’s insincerity and continued to play into the scheme of this whole apocalypse and the idea of being on for the long haul.

As for “The Human Fly”, from the beginning til the very end Zoltan was simply obsessed with fame and had no problem with dying in the process. Zoltan continuously performed stunt after stunt despite his worsening condition. But time after time Zoltan was just concerned with fame and people remembering him and giving attention toward the dangerous acts he was performing. However, throughout all this Zoltan’s agent never deterred him away from what he was doing but rather encouraged. The reason was because Zoltan’s agent didn’t have much of a reputation until Zoltan started to bring in all of this attention. As a result of this, Zoltan’s agent began to gain popularity and he let this get the best of him. Basically Zoltan was killed as a result of the greed of his own agent. Once Zoltan’s agent image began to change for the better he could care less about Zoltan but rather what Zoltan was doing for him. In the end, he seemed to be indifferent about the death of his client but only concerned with the fact that he was making more money andwas moved into a bigger office.

Word Count: 394

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