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Araselie Chavez
Boyle Paper analysis
Fri Mar 6, 2015 4:33pm

I have decided to write my Boyle paper on Modern Love and Carnal Knowledge. These two stories are located in the love section of the book. After our class on Wednesday, I am no longer sure if I want to do compare and contrast because writing about theme, sounded much easier. I will most likely do compare and contrast. An argument I could use for this comparison and contrast is, the fact that they both include a thirty-year old man that is dying of lust. Also both of stories include young ladies that are really attractive, but they have weird situations in their lives. In Carnal Knowledge, Alena did not care about Jim. Jim’s intentions for participating in the animal rights campaigns throughout the story were false and insincere, however, Jim is just acting like every typical guy. He just wants to sleep with Alena and he is doing whatever it takes to do that. In order to make Alena happy, Jim gives up on meat because Alena is a vegan. When Alena leaves Jim, Jim is not hurt by it. Jim implies that Alena is just another piece of ass. So he gets over her quickly. In Modern Love, Breda is a neurotic. She is crazy about germs and she just cannot put her weirdness aside. The speaker of the story is in love with her and she confesses that she loves him too. One of the weirdest things about her is that when they want to make love, she expects him to wear a full body condom. The funny thing is she convinces him to do so. I love that fact that he willing to do whatever Breda wants because he really is in love with her and he wants to make her happy. At the end of the story, Breda breaks up with him. Breda was just obsessed with germs and that was the reason she could not be near anyone. I believe Boyle’s intentions of writing both stories were, to state that love differentiates in so many ways. Boyle is showing us how desperate men will do anything for sex, but also, how women are also very difficult to love.

Word Count:364

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